Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lili Abir Regen

A while back I came across the name Lili Abir Regen while reading Desire to Inspire. I jotted the name down in my blog book (you know, the nerdy notebook where you keep ideas, drawings, fabric scraps etc. I call it nerdy, but I love it dearly) and recently decided to look her up. I am most impressed!

Lili Abir Regen is a prop stylist and set designer.
It's her job to make the rooms or products being photographed look their best. She buys the tablecloths, the silverware, the flowers, etc. that make a room pop. You know when you see the perfect pair of shoes by a bed or a throw draped across a chair? Yep, that's the stylist.

I'm sure you recognize the red target in the right hand corner.

Simple but perfect.

I don't need more stuff. I just need better stuff.

I know I have seen this before. Does anyone else recognize it?

What's not too love?

Oh, how I wish Lili Abir Regen would come to my house with her bag of tricks and style my rooms!! I promise I would keep them clean and everything in its place. At least for the first week. You know, that's what I think a lot of us need. Just someone to come in and dot the I's and cross the T's. Or in my case pick the fabric for the pillows, find and hang artwork, and accessorize. Is that really asking too much?

Want to see more? Click here.


  1. Love the cute little pink house. Wouldn't that be a fun place for a small dinner party.

  2. I really like that first blue entry/room. And that white kitchen reminds me of one of your kithens-did one of your houses look like that?

  3. I meant kitchens- I can spell-but I cannot type!

  4. Wow just beautiful. Now I have a name to add to my blogging notebook. How nerdy are we. I carry it in my purse so I have it handy whenever I see something I must blog about!

  5. Blogging notebook, good idea! It seems like I forget half the things I think of! I love that periwinkle (sp?) blue, and the kitchen is really awesome! Especially that stool! I've really been liking metal chairs and stools lately, but I bet they aren't that comfortable :-(

  6. That simple sidetable between the two chairs is styled so beautifully - it took my breath away!

  7. Love this post. My favorite line was, "I don't need more stuff. I just need better stuff." Definitely made me laugh. And I'm in the same boat.

  8. That really is great work. I wish she would come to my home too!

  9. Two things. 1. I have a notebook like that and I am obsessed, I would die if I lost it. and 2. I love Lili, everything about those rooms is stunning!!

  10. Hey I have a notebook too!! You make me feel less dorky in revaling this!!! Gratitudes!!
    Not more but better...could not have said it myself.

  11. Beautiful pictures... beautiful design... I will be back to see more.. thank you ... Diane


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