Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Out and about in the big city of Wilmington....Last night a friend of mine had a clothing sale for John O'Donnell of Johnnie-O. All the way from L.A John brought his own style of "West Coast Preppy." Johnny-O is an "apparel and lifestyle brand that merges casual West Coast Style with the refined East Coast feel." All I know is that he made a polo look hip. That is all my husband wears so I was thrilled to get him a couple of shirts with a little more style.

Frank Hobart, John O'Donnell and Al Marr

John is wearing the Men's Four Button favorite. Does he look familiar? Here's a fun fact I found on his web-site: John was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor's in 2008. Let me tell you, Wilmington is a happening place!

The Johnnie-O logo is a surfer with his board and I loved the surf board cookies with the name. Great touch!

Men's Four Button Polo: $44

Women's Plaid Logo Tee $22

Kid's Jr. Polo $32

I got the boy's pale green polo. I love the fit and think it will look great with a pair of white pants or boyfriend jeans. Not to worry they do have women's styles and sizes as well as childrens. They also have more than polos: t-shirts, shorts, belt, hats. You have got to go check out the web site here.

While yakking and shopping I snapped a few pictures. I may have to go back and get more because Jane has a great house. Love these urns in front of the fireplace.

She even had the outside set up and festive. Can you tell her outdoor furniture is covered in orange and white ticking?

New pillows...

Don't tell the seahorse but the octopus is my favorite!

It was a fun night of shopping followed by dinner out with friends. I'm tired and Bill did not proof read my blog this apologies if you find any glaring mistakes.

Don't forget to check out the Johnny-O website and if you ever get a chance, go to one of his shows. Not only will you have a great time you will leave with some great looking clothes. What more could you want?


  1. would love to find out where the pillows (octopus & seahorse) came from. any idea?

  2. Stephanie:
    The pillows are from Airlie Moon.

    See if this link works. it is a great place to shop!

  3. thank you- called airlie moom but of course they were sold out. the salesperson could not remember the manufacturer so i will continue to look. love reading your blog- we use to live outside of wilmington. love visiting there.

  4. What a fun night, on my way over now to check out Johnny-O's :)

  5. Seahorses are cooler than octopus! And those cookies look pretty darn good to me!!

  6. Sounds like a great night, and the cookies are too cute. Also, love the patio at your friend's place-- the picnic table (?) looks perfectly worn, and the furniture is adorable!

  7. Stephanie
    I did some searching and the pillows are by Dermond Peterson and they have some at Tonic Home. Good Luck, let me know if you buy any, I would love to see them in your home!


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