Friday, May 29, 2015

Look For Less Dining Room Makeover

Kathy pinned this image last night and I could not stop thinking about it!!!
It is so good and within reach...if I win the lottery or try the look for less.

so much to love...from the wooden paneled ceiling to the textured wallpaper + the mod seating..

           Warren Platner Armchair, Knoll

        Warren Platner Chair...Here

Platner Libo Dining Side Chair White Leather

Or look for less Platner Chairs     

BB.06.05 in oil-rubbed bronze with clear globesArchitecture by Skylab

Lindsey Adelman molecular structur Irregular glass chandelier Suspension Light

Or if you're really brave you can try the look for less on Ebay. And if you do, let me know how it goes because I have to admit I am a little bit tempted. 

For art I would love to splurge on this James's expensive, so expensive I couldn't even find a price. 

And for the look for less you could paint something yourself...although I swear it's not as easy as it looks.

Or you could buy his book and enlarge and frame one of the prints.

And of course I would love to have the originals but I would also love to send my kids to college, travel and buy cute shoes.

What about you? Go for the original or mix in some look for less?
 PS Check out my Pinterest boards for more fab pics!


  1. There is an Adelman knock off!

  2. Ah, just clicked through on ebay--you found a good one!

  3. Count me in…love the look of both rooms and I love the idea of framing the picture from the James Nares book…pretty in the green too!!


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