Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vintage Accessories

I am interrupting my Tulum rehash to give you a break and to show you some fun vintage finds.
Yesterday I ran into Cape Fear Jewelry to pick up a bracelet that was being repaired (I ran over it with my car!!! And now it's good as new!!) and guess what I found??!!

Sitting right on the counter waiting for me was this little beauty! We hit it off immediately.
Vintage from Neiman Marcus in perfect condition.

And look at that handle!!
This little bag will make me happy just hanging on a hook in my closet but I predict it will get lots of use. 

My all time favorite piece of jewelry, my squash blossom necklace, also came from Cape Fear Jewelry. 

Every time I wear it people want to know where I got it.
(A visit with my little Bama)

And now Cape Fear Jewelry has another one! It's a little smaller than mine but oh so fab!!
Interested? Give them a call 910-762-1310
 Ask for Pait or Suzanne, they will know what you are talking about.
Tell them Sissy sent you!

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