Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tulum - Part 2 Shopping

Of course I didn't go to Mexico just to shop, but it certainly didn't hurt...and shopping in Tulum is a special experience. As you drive down the beach road you would approach a small area carved out of the jungle and a fabulous shop just waiting for you. 


Town of Tulum Mexico


And Coqui Coqui where I did a little shopping and wouldn't mind staying if/when I go back.  Bill took this picture while he was on the beach and I was holding up different dresses for him to see and trying to decide what to buy...he loves this game. And evidently so does Locke by the look on his face.

And just look at this cute mother/daughter team selling their goods by our! I bought one of their brightly colored wraps and can't wait to wear it!!

So much color, so much goodness, so little time!!!!
It was a little overwhelming, but I was able to come home with a few goodies. 
I would have come home with more, but on the last day I was in one of my favorite shops/happy place until they told me their credit card machine wasn't working and I would have to pay cash. After running up and down the road and trying FIVE different ATM's that DIDN'T work I admitted defeat. I had to go back to the store and put half my items was like Sophie's Choice. Sadly, the gifts I had picked out for my sisters didn't make the cut - sorry Susan & Betsy! (But you are welcome to borrow my fabulous shirts, wraps, bags etc. After all, what are sisters for, right?)

photos: Blue Hydrangea and here


  1. It all looks so awesome. I want to see what you did buy! Poor sisters!

  2. Of course the credit card machine didn't work...what luck! At least you brought home a few goodies for yourself. :)

  3. What wonderful little shops. You must have felt a dream realized. Best, Luci

  4. Sissy, Thanks for the great travel info! I love it all! What a fabulous trip! Would love to see what you bought! Now I want to go, mmm... BTW, what airport did you fly into, and how far is Tulum from the airport?

  5. I am so glad to know about this place! What inspiration! And, you sound like Reston putting the sister's gifts back (btw). :)


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