Monday, April 6, 2015

Tulum - Part 1

*Warning, vacation pictures. This may be boring to your health*

We are back from our trip to Tulum, Mexico. I can't even call it a vacation; it was more like an adventure. You know when you go somewhere and you just feel like you're at home? Like a flea market or Anthropologie? That's how I felt about Tulum
I don't know if I can put into words how wonderful it was....but I am gonna try. 
Let's start with our hotel - Zamas
One of the original hotels on the beach strip, it is so unique and charming.

Guess what this cute little hut is? 
The front desk where you check in!!!

Can you stand it? That's the open air restaurant under the thatched roof...and the food was amazing!


Another view of dining area.

There was a small bay for swimming or sun bathing and the boats were available to take you snorkeling or scuba diving. 

It may be a little hard to tell, but there are small cabanas behind the umbrellas where you could stay right on the beach. 

Bill and I enjoying a drink before dinner while the kids hung out on the beach. 

We stayed in a family cabana right across the road on the jungle side.

The room had a two story high thatched roof and most of the windows had screens and shutters but no glass. At night there was a great breeze and you could hear the waves and the wind in the palm was fabulous!!

I found this picture online of our room that is a little better than what I took. Thankfully they had switched to green blankets for my visit. There was also a little sleeping nook with another bed so we all fit in one room. 
Every night they would come let down your mosquito nets (although we never saw any bugs) and tuck them in and leave a bottle of water (glass not plastic) and a night light - a candle and a book of matches. Don't you love that???
And best of T.V. or internet in the rooms, our teenagers actually had to talk to us!

Are you bored yet? Hope not, because I've got lots more to share!!!

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  1. Sissy, I admit this is not my vision of Mexico. It looks like an amazing trip. Thanks for allowing me a glimse. I am lovingly jealous!



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