Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DIY Gift Tags

Sunday was C & C's birthday.
I decided I needed cute gift tags for their presents because we all know how important cute gift tags are to 14 year olds.

The problem was I didn't realize their birthday would not be complete without special gift tags until late the night before the big day. I am most creative in a panic. Give me lots of time and money and I've got nothing. Last minute on a shoestring? I'm your girl. 

The twins were born before iphones and digital cameras, which means I have boxes and boxes of actual photographs. Poor Locke, his life has been digitally documented, but there are no actual photographs of him. Guess he will have store bought gift tags.

 I dug out one of the boxes, flipped through a few hundred pictures....

Grabbed my hole punch and was done!!

 Easy and cute!!

It's important to remember how cute they were now that they are teenagers!!

I was having so much fun I made some decorations for their mini cakes. 

I could eat them up!!

So there you go, easy and cheap/free gift tags. 
I still have 996 pictures I can get crafty with...any ideas?
(Warning: Your children won't be near as impressed as you are with yourself)

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  1. ha ha ha Just saw this. You are too funny, and these are really cute. I'm impressed with you. xo


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