Monday, June 2, 2014

Domino and Whole Foods

Have you gotten the latest issue of Domino?

It's a good one with Sally King Benedict on the cover. 

She's one of my favs and I love my little painting by her. 
See it back there in the corner?

jamiemeares's photo on SnapWidget

Here's a close up...good, right?

Anywhooo, go get you a copy of Domino, there is all kinds of good stuff in there. I found my at Whole Foods. Does that surprise you? It surprised me.
I do have to warn you, it is expensive. But can you put a price on happiness? 
Evidently you can: $11.


  1. I do think that is pricey! I bought the last one and was shocked at the checkout but I guess they are making it like a seasonal publication rather than a subscription magazine? I am glad you said this one is good cause I hate to waste that on a mediocre one.:)

  2. I got a subscription, but there is NO reduction in price, which is completely crazy. And I have to say, I have various issues with the magazine, but I am going to give it a chance and see if they work it out.



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