Friday, November 1, 2013

Is It Too Late?

How was your Halloween? Sugar hangover? 

I had a great night, I love my neighborhood.

And I love this pumpkin.

I've been meaning to get out my caulk and go to town but it just never happened. 

I was lucky to get this done with help from the kids. 

Then I thought "why not use a fake pumpkin and keep it year after year". Plus pumpkins are still in style through Thanksgiving right?

The Final Swirly Touches

So it could still happen. Probably won't but it could.
 Are you tempted? Directions  here.


  1. I hope you had a Happy Halloween in your cute Indian costume! :) We're trick or treating tonight because of the bad weather yesterday. Which is good because it gives me an extra day to get Pierce's costume totally finished.

    I think you can totally do that pumpkin and keep it through Thanksgiving. Why not?? It looks like icing.

  2. Really fun post. No fake pumpkins ew! Why have a faux pumpkin when authentic ones are abundant.
    Your kids look great!

  3. THat pumpkin would be so cute on a Thanksgiving table. Your kids looked adorable in yesterday's post. Hope you loved your costume - bet you looked so cute!


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