Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Costume

For Halloween I wanted to dress up as a totally rested, extremely organized, patient mom who has finished all her Christmas shopping. I checked on line and at all the local stores and it seems like no one as ever heard of this mom. 
So that leaves a witch or an Indian.
I've been a witch several times recently so I am going with the Indian. 
I am going to wear Cricket's dress that she got for Christmas years ago.

I think Santa was desperate for gift ideas that year. And doesn't Cricket looked thrilled? Some things never change.
 If you wave to me and I don't wave back it is because the dress is too tight and I can't lift my arms. But hey, it's only for a day so I am going to work with it. My fringe boots are so handy on a day like this...
Enjoy your sugar high!!


  1. I'm wondering if you've ever seen this? If not you really should. I will no longer be following your blog. I'm sad for your children.

  2. Cricket does look thrilled. haha And you can fit in that!?!?

  3. when did people get so darn sensitive??? good Lord!!!! did you see the new episode of Modern Family with the small suit-your him female version-!!!! hilarious

  4. next thing cant be GAGA because she is a person not a costume......or a cat because they are an animals not a costume....dont follow this adorable blog and get a hobby asap!!!!!!

  5. Its not sensitivity, its racism. Gaga and Cats have never been oppressed or discriminated against by privileged white people or the majority. And its HIGHLY offensive for you to compare a people and culture who have been slaughter en mass and forced to leave their land to Lady Gaga or an animal. Rethink your politics and recognize your racism and please don't pass it on to another generation. Its "fun" to dress up as a Native American for 4 hours, but at the end of it, you get to take off the costume and not live with the judgement, being mistreated, discrimination or history of oppression.

  6. get a life, seriously, get a hobby. xoxo


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