Monday, June 3, 2013


The twins turned 13 on Saturday. 
I got the cute Birthday Day banner at Target. It is felt so I can roll it up and use it over and over, it's a good thing.

Locke isn't the only dancer in our family. 
And yes, Cricket is taller than Clay but not that much. I think she was least I hope that is what was going on. 
I don't really have any good, recent photos of them together.You know teenagers, if they stand too close together they start World War III.

Hope you had a great weekend and if you have any tips for living with teenagers let me know!!


  1. Your children are beautiful. Teenage tip now matter how much they try to intimidate you kindly but firmly stand your ground.

  2. You have such a beautiful family. I wish I had tips. All I know is that if I have a child that is anything like I was in my teens, they are going to boarding school. haha xo

  3. Oh Sissy, look at those babies!! I love those pictures and remember them all. Precious then, and they still are. Oh, teenagers. I love mine,and I think they are fun, but you remember being a teenager...

  4. Oh, happy birthday to the twins! Those pics are priceless - I especially love the one where they're holding hands on their red scooters in their smocked outfits! Too cute. You're a couple years ahead of me on the teenage thing, so I'm going to look to you for advice soon!

  5. Our twins are 20. Tips for the teen years, they go through "phases" so remind yourself often that it will pass. I love showing them photos of those years and making fun of that time.
    My advice is to love them. Embarrass them. Show them who loves them.
    pop over and see my now swanky site when you have a minute.


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