Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What & Why


What is it about these shoes that I like so much?
Not usually my style but I keep going back to look at them. 

And why are people so mad at Gwyneth Paltrow lately?
I couldn't believe all the backlash when she was named People's Most Beautiful Woman.

You've got to admit she is pretty darn good looking.

I like her

Why do you think people are so angry and unkind about Gwinnie?


  1. GOOP. She gives a very self-important, self-satisfied vibe, which maybe is off-putting. Jumped from Hollywood ingenue to domestic-culinary "know-it-all" with virtually no perceived transition. Her gig with Mario Battali... And, it's hard to take her gourmet status seriously. At that weight, she can't really be eating. Easier to buy into her loving wife-mom personna. Too much of the other, too soon. No transition. Yes, she's gorgeous.

  2. Although the term "hater" is overused nowadays, it absolutely applies to a lot of people and their attitude towards Gwyneth. I'm not put off by her lifestyle. It is what it is. She is young, rich and famous. Why would it be something besides what she promotes it as? Would people be better satisfied if she lied about the things she did? Frankly, I'm more annoyed by the whole "I'm just like you" type of celeb any day. As far as her looks are concerned, I've read her explanation of how much (or little) she eats and works out. It jibes with the body she has. You can love food and cooking without consuming large amounts of it.

  3. The sandals are edgy and sexy. I probably wouldn't wear them as I can imagine how uncomfortable they would be. Still, they look great on her.


  4. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share and Great post,I really like your article and nice pic

  5. I didn't "get it" either...which made me curious. Started paying more attention & OH MY GOODNESS!! She really is the self-righteous snarky rude snot people say she is. It's actually laughable. I LAUGH now every time she opens her mouth. Jay Leno asked is she uses salt the other night & she replies " YES!! I use (insert super fancy expensive sounding brand) ALL the time"... <<< ANNND that's why no one likes her. That & she does think YOU are an awful mother/wife for not living just as she does. I PRAY Jay & Bey secretly cant stand her.

  6. Plus, it is easy to be "beautiful" when you have all of this money to spend on the best food, personal trainer, best skin treatments, and on and on. Find me someone with an ordinary job, who doesn't make a lot of money, and still looks manages to look great.


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