Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Important TV Questions

Are you a Good Morning America or a Today Show person?

I'm a GMA girl.

Today my girl Lara did a flea market segment that was pretty good but even better was the tunic she wore. 
Got any idea who makes it? I would love to see if it comes in blue. I've e-mailed GMA but they are probably busy working on real news.

And back to Downton Abbey...
Spoiler alert, I am only in the middle of season two so when I tried to find pictures of Anna and Bates I saw their wedding pictures!! Bummer..oh well, I guess I knew it was coming. But here's my question, I really like both of these guys but I just don't think they go together. I think Bates seems more like Anna's sweet, older uncle than her boyfriend/husband.
What do you think?

Have you looked up pictures of the actors to see what they look like out of costume? Lots of entertainment...I might have a problem

PS Just watched another episode and I need to know...
What's up with cousin Patrick? Real deal or impostor?


  1. Ha, you're so funny. Are you on Twitter? If so, you might want to tweet Lara Spencer - she might respond that way. It is a cute tunic. And re: DA, I'm obsessed too. Back before Christmas I caught up on the whole series before the new season started in January. Now, it's a long wait before another season starts. Sigh. And I agree about Bates & Anna. Jenny of MFAMB did a whole series on DA people out of costume (you know she does recaps of episodes - truly hysterical).

  2. GMA, only, for my whole (long) adult life! I just checked Lara's FB page, but there have been no posts since May. I checked Twitter, but don't see anything. That may be your best hope of finding out, though:

    Completely hooked on DA. It took me half way into the last season to take an interest and just a matter of days to catch up.

  3. The adorable tunic is from JCrew Factory a few summers ago and is actually a dress!! :)

  4. When you get to Series 3, as the Brits say.... check out William Hanson's column "Downton Etiquette Explained." He comments on each episode individually, so no spoilers!

    DA made me want to see England again, so I'm taking Blake to London next month! YAY ME!!!!


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