Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Desk Part ll

So...the desk saga continues. I thought for sure one desk would come out the clear winner; it didn't. Out of over 30 comments and e-mails it was split 50/50. And just when I was about to make the decision all on my own ...this popped up...

Donna from A Perfect Gray got this desk at an auction and it made me realize that I want something old, vintage, with a little history. 
But that takes time and I don't have any more time. Bill REALLY needs a desk at home, so we are moving the desk from our room (that I use, no room for two) into the guest room as a bed side table. That way he will have his own little space and I won't be able to see it unless I really look for it. But now that I have decided to wait for the perfect vintage piece, again, I need a filler..let me present....

RE Parsons Desk

Isn't he cute? And for $39.99 it was a no brainer. BUT it's not sold on the website and the only store that had it in stock was in Charlotte, 4 hours away. No problem, Bill was going on Thursday and was going to pick it up for me. I was really getting excited, until Bill called from the Charlotte store to say they didn't have any in stock. 

I have another sister in Atlanta but no luck..I think this desk might be an urban myth. When did shopping get so hard? 

Remember this desk
I fixed her up all pretty and then sold her in my dang booth!! What was I thinking??!! I would do a happy dance if I could get her back. I know who bought her and my desk just happens to live one street over....wonder if she is happy in her new home?


  1. my desk thanks you for the shout out.

    see, this is ALWAYS my problem. I *need* vintage and character. so that means waiting, like you mentioned. takes forever sometimes. it's starting to be a problem, like in my husband's new office space. "gotta find just the right old pieces", I exclaim, meanwhile, his lobby space sits EMPTY and might for a long while. what's a gal to do?

  2. Did you tell your Atlanta sister to come visit our new store??????

  3. Shopping is not easy. People think it's all fun and games but it is not. I was planning on doing a post on this - how vintage/thrift shopping is a double-edged sword. Especially if you're obsessed like we are.

    What about that yellow Blu Dot Target desk? Is it available online? Or there is a Parson's desk at WalMart (I know, not always the best option), but it seems to be available online and fairly cheap:

    Or you could just stalk your old desk. Maybe the new owner will take the hint??

  4. I just gasped at that bamboo rsttan wicker delight up top, which confirmed exactly what I am looking for for between the twin beds in my girls room (only, mine needs to be symmetrical.) I've been looking for ages and recently started thinking a different direction would be acceptable. In fact, it will not. :)

  5. I have regretted not buying that desk from you!! But then I would feel too guilty, so now I'm glad I didn't. Which Target?! xo

  6. oh, that is cold. It says limited stock at Midtown. Did they say that but not have it? was that the one he checked?!

  7. Finding the perfect antique/thrifted piece really takes a lot more than's all about the endless search. Maybe you were never meant to find a "filler" piece and will instead come upon your dream desk sooner than you think (I've got my fingers crossed for you!).


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