Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stencil is Not a Dirty Word

Katie Ridder brings me lots of joy

Especially her wallpaper

One very chic teenage girl's bedroom! I especially love the Katie Ridder wallpaper. Design by Betsy Burnham /published in House Beautiful

And this one is my favorite, Leaf.

Up close and personal.

Sari Paisley Allover Stencil - reusable stencil patterns for walls just like wallpaper - DIY decor

And then just yesterday I saw this stencil on Etsy: here
Not exactly the same but pretty close right? 
Not your mama's stencil, huh?

Ikat Zig-zag Stencil - reusable stencil patterns for walls just like wallpaper - DIY decor

Feeling good about this one too...
This might be a good option for a non-commiter like me. 

I am tired of living in decorators limbo and I am ready to make some things happen around here. Stencils may be in my future, less expensive and easier to change when my mood changes and/or I get a better idea.

                                    Thoughts on stencils? 


  1. I agree! The stencils of yesteryear were snoozers but the new ones are pretty snazzy. I LOVE that Katie Ridder wallpaper as well and think the stencil looks pretty darn close. I say go for it. Oh, and chevrons (and I've seen ikat too) . . . very good! Do it so I can see it. Didn't you paint your floor at one point?

  2. The new styles are great I think! This one is very interesting. Adds a new "something" to a room, floor or piece of furniture and you can always paint over it if you tire of it.

    Love your blog! I'm a new follower ~

  3. I think stencils are great! I love wallpaper, but because I, too, am a non-commiter, stencils are a much better option. This is the one I've been considering:

    And, did you see the guest bedroom that Mary Ann at Classic Casual Home did? She used the first stencil you show.

  4. That is an unbelievable stencil. I just don't think I'd have the patience...or attention span to do that!!! It looks great though. xo

  5. I think they are great--if done well. This is my problem: I know I just don't have the stamina or precision to do it well. And if it LOOKED like a stencil instead of wallpaper, it would drive me crazy!

    Love that particular stencil, though.

  6. We're on the same page! Stencils are much hipper these long as they don't involved roosters or cherries or something.

  7. WE just did a stencil in a client's dining room that was loosely based on Farrow & Balls Lotus. It looks great and I think stencils might be just the solution for those that want the look but don't want to commit for too long!

  8. You know I LOVE the one I did in our foyer! It just makes me happy. It does required some patience, but it was worth it.

  9. Yes damit.....I need to do that somewhere.

  10. They are SO not a dirty word. I'll be doing a post on a stencil project I'm working on now within the next few weeks...nautical style. I LOVE these and might have to try them on a furniture piece! Thanks for the inspiration!


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