Monday, April 29, 2013

We Survived!!

We made it back from Disney happy, but exhausted. 
WARNING: Boring post vacation pictures coming up!

OMG!! So cute! This is in the airport on our way...

Locke was dying to see Lighting McQueen, but when we got there he was too scared to get anywhere near him!! I asked him to please smile and he said he was too scared, so here he is trying to force his mouth into a smile. Thank goodness I didn't pay for a character breakfast...that would have been a total waste!!

Someone was tired but refused to get in a stroller. 

Driving the race proud!!

If we stopped for even 5 mins or got on a boat or bus, he was out like a light!!

On the boat back to the Wilderness lodge.

 It was such a fun trip, but I swear I am still recovering!! 
And we do have one picture of the 3 of us that the folks at Disney took, but I am waiting for it to download.

Oh wait here are a few's almost over I swear!!

That's all folks!! 
Glad we went, glad we're home, don't want to go again any time soon!!


  1. yes! that was my first thought.."where are the gobber seaboots?"

    looks like you had a wonderful time. jay was past the "magical" age when we went. when I asked if he wanted to go up to see a character, he rolled his eyes and said, "mom. it's just a man in a suit."

  2. Awww, such fun and exhaustion. I think I told you we're going at the end of May with our older kiddos. And I'm sure we'll feel mostly the same way at the end. Thanks for sharing your family photos . . . Locke looks so big now!!


  3. Sissy, You are a wonderful mother whether you enjoyed it or not!


  4. Incredibly sweet photos. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. EEP! Disney is our favorite! What sweet memories this will make.

  6. look at you wearing all your rikshaw!! i have been very bad about catching up on blogs but i am so glad you are back!!


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