Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It's time - or past time really - to get Locke's portrait made. I did Cricket and Clay's at his age. But...I don't really want another traditional portrait. I am kind of over them. Is that terrible?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Cricket and Clay's portraits and they bring me joy everyday. I just don't want another one. Poor Locke, that's what happens when you're the third child. So I have been looking for alternatives.


I saw this silhouette in Matchbook Magazine and fell in love. Info here
Something like this might be a possibility. 

It might be a good option since one of Locke's all time favorite series is Elmer The Patchwork Elephant. 

What about you?
Traditional portraits or something new?


  1. personally, i think you might regret not doing something similar to your other two for your third. there is ALWAYS time to do more fun portraits as they get older and you can start a new tradition!

    1. I agree. Who did your traditional portraits and how old were the kids? I personally love them.

    2. I also agree. I think the portraits of your other two kids are beautiful and sweet. They make me want to get one done of my son. - Anne

  2. I might agree with "Miss garlic" but how about a more natural setting or something that means something to Locke. What if you involved him in the process. It might be neat to have your children write about what they remember about that age and somehow attach to the back of their portraits. Whatever you do it will be fine because you even think about it. Luci

  3. Sissy, you have to do the portrait. You might not be into it right now, but it will be fabulous to give to your son when he is older.
    Do the traditional portrait. You will be glad you did it.
    Now, I have an idea for future portraits, contact my daughter Caris Reid. She is a painter and writes for Dossier Art Journal in NYC. She has done fabuous, very different portraits for clients. She can send you some of the photos.
    OK. I am done pimping. Go call the artist who painted your other kiddos and get moving on history.
    xx Marybeth

  4. Love your blog! Not a big poster but I feel the need to say this, get the portrait done!! :)
    Speaking from experience, you will regret it later in life if you don't.

  5. I have them of my first two and nothing for the other 5!

  6. What a cool spin on a traditional silhouette portrait! And your children's names are SO cool!!!!

  7. I'd do the traditional portrait, but perhaps in a less traditional setting. Talk to the portrait artist for ideas. You can always do fun photos later.

  8. Maybe a Peter Stimeling.... and look at Caroline. This is a friend of ours daughter and loved it so much he did all 3 of our children.


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