Monday, April 8, 2013

Have a Seat

Thanks to Betsy Von B for the tip on these super cute seating cubes.


Much better picture....from here

Guess where I got them??!! Come on, take a guess!!
Can you believe it? $10
They are slip-covered in an oatmeal, drop cloth type of fabric, which is great, but I think I am going to have new slip covers made....

Room View

I could go tribal like the ones from West Elm

Or something a little brighter...from here

There's always the Old MacDonald style

Or maybe furry..who knows. I'll put some thought into and get back to you.

I couldn't find them on the Walmart website, but if you are out and about, check your local store. 
Would you recover or keep them as is?


  1. surely you are joking. walmart? who knew? jay graduates next month and could really use those in a dorm room. thanks for the tip, sissy!

  2. they could be fun to add a bit or trim at the end.

  3. Seriously? I might have to make a little trip to Wal-Mart today even though I loathe it most of the time. I like Kayce's idea of trim. Or what about painting them with a pattern? Get a little fabric paint and a stencil? My wheels are turning. These would be a much more economical choice for the playroom than leather poufs. Of course, I love the furry ones!

  4. I think a recover would be grand...think of the possibilites. Visit me again on my Etsy site Southenddesign and convo me...I can do this for you! It is an easy project...and they could match your every whim!

  5. I used to have those!! I miss them! Can't wait to see what you to do them!! xo

  6. I went to wal-mart yesterday to look for them because I have been looking for an inexpensive cube!!! I couldn't find them in mine. Are they in the furniture section? I might have to try another wal-mart. Any chance you have the sku or the brand so I could call around??

  7. No way!!! I need to stop by Walmart and see if they have them still!! So cute! and for $10??! Even if I didn't need them I would get them. ha!

  8. My wal-mart SO didn't have them. And I even traveled to the slightly bigger, cleaner wal-mart. From the comments if you have any hints about how to pick the most likely wal-mart myself and your other readers would LOVE it!


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