Friday, March 15, 2013

Chic Sneaks

I told you we were taking Locke to Disney, but we are also taking the twins to NY. We haven't been on a trip in years and now it is one trip after another...crazy!!

Now that everything is booked, it is time for more important what am I going to wear. I want to be comfortable and cute. Because really, if you don't feel cute, can you truly have any fun?

I am thinking about joining the hipster sneaker trend. 

All the cool kids are doing it...

Even my style hero.

Considering this's but cute right??!! 
White jeans, striped t, fabulous necklace...
Comfortable and cute. Let the site seeing begin!!

You for it or against it?

pictures from, hereherehere and here


  1. for! I own leopard bikes and some hi-tops! don't care if I am too old for this--comfort rules!

  2. For! You will actually enjoy walking because your feet will be comfortable.


  3. I'm for it....I like the blue ones you chose...and you can always add a statement necklace in the same tones to have the cutest outfit...I agree with you if don't feel cute I'm not sure how much fun you can have. Have a wonderful time!! (p.s. You were right I recognized many of the songs by was a blast!)

  4. Whoaaaa! I am working on a post about these chic sneaks!! Obvi I am all for them but I feel like you have to be careful. YOu don't want to look like one of those office women walking to work.


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