Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The View, Me and Ali

So, you know, Joy Behar is leaving The View and they need a replacement. I have two, yes me. What? I could so handle it. I am all about some celebrity gossip, sharing my opinions, cooking and politics. OK maybe not so much on the cooking and my politics may be a little lacking, but I've got the talking down!!
So Barbara, if you are reading this, feel free to contact me. 

On the off chance they want someone with, I don't know, experience??!! What about Ali Wentworth?

So love this girl. Isn't she fabulous??!! And so fun. I know we would be great friends. Unless she stole my job, then I would just have to watch her from I do know. 

She also has great style, her homes have been in all the mags and she is married to George Stephanopoulos. What more could you want?

And she has a hilarious new book out. I have this if anyone wants to borrow it. Let me know and I'll leave it on the front porch for you.

Now what? I am more the idea person, so if y'all could take the ball and run with it, that would be great!! If I do end up on The View I won't forget you!!


  1. I would love to see you on The View. I don't watch it now, but I would start if you were on it! I can start a letter writing campaign?? It's funny, but Ali Wentworth reminds me of you. No offense to her, but my vote would be you though.

  2. I'm sure you would be great... and you never know, Barbara may be reading this! But, if not you, then I do hope it'll be Ali. I looove her!

  3. I'm with you on George. If you don't go to The View someone with less qualifications will. Apply!


  4. I vote for you!!!! I saw Ali on Watch What Happens Live and really liked her! xo

  5. Ali would be a great choice. She's smart, well-traveled, and hilariously self-deprecating. While we're at it, can we seriously get rid of Elizabeth? It's not so much about her politics, but it's her intensity. Take a chill pill, sister!

  6. I LOVE HER! She is so funny. I often think I would be great friends with her and George AND Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld (they're friends in real life). They come to my imaginary dinner parties all the time.


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