Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New York Planning...

Busy packing/planning our trip to New York. 
I don't want to look like country come to town. 
I think I will be OK until I open my mouth. "Hi y'all" doesn't sound very New Yorkish, does it?

I <3 when I see an outfit on Pinterest and realize I already have all the pieces for it at home.  Army jacket, check.  Skinnies, check.  Leopard print booties, check.  Cognac leather bag, check.

I am going to depend on my army jacket, black skinny pants and my favorite booties.

It's a good look.

crisp white shirt, army jacket, black.

And I can layer up if it is cold.

sam edelman petty

There they are...the perfect booties.
Day one down, 3 more to go. 

Pictures from: MRcoat


  1. Whenever I am in New York lots of people comment on how much they LOVE southern accents (and mine is barely, barely there). Don't worry!

  2. Aye that sounds fun, love the chic outfit. Got my eye on your next posts.

  3. New York would approve. Great looking but comfortable outfit for the big city. They'll love your accent too.


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