Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Chairs - Decision Made, Money Paid

So after my post last Monday I was all set to order the french chairs for my dining room. 

Then I got an e-mail and saw these chairs from Melissa at Vintage Stuff. Pretty cool right? Check out her site here.
Now I was a little confused....

But still thought I might go traditional...

Right before I ordered them my sister Betsy sent me pictures of the world's greatest chairs that she and Julie had seen while shopping at Slate in Charlotte. Get ready...

 Could you die? Just curl up in a corner and die happy?
I know, not the world's best picture, but since I am relying on the kindness of  my sister I don't dare complain. And still, you can tell how fab they are, right?

 All chrome-ish or is it brass? I think they said chrome. And velvet...yes, velvet. I would love to say I bought them as soon as I saw the pictures, but they were a little $$$ to buy site unseen, so I did the only thing I knew to do - sent my sweet friend Michele Jones over to Slate to test them out. She touched them, measured them and sat in them. After Betsy, Julie and Michele's approval I snapped them up. Now I am waiting for Bill to go to Charlotte this week on business and bring my babies home. 

And this my friends is why it pays to procrastinate. 
Good things come to those who hem and haw and can't make a decision. 


  1. NIce find!!!! Obsessed!!! Totally agree it pays to wait and find what you really love...enjoy your chairs :)

  2. Absolutely - procrastination & Design ADD pay off big time!! You know I love these and am SO jealous!! So glad you got them and cannot wait to see them in your gorgeous dining room. Are you doing the happy dance all day long??

  3. Score!! What a find. I love your new chairs. Chairs are a funny thing, they can swing the feeling of a room entirely. I love the ones you settled on.

  4. Sissy! Those are great!!! How many could you get???

  5. Oh my!!! So GORGEOUS!!! Those are insane. Thank goodness you procrastinated. Show us when you put them in place please.

  6. LOVE these. It's kind of like the spirit of the frenchie chairs crawled in to some amazing and unique 70s badass chairs and you are kind of getting the best of both worlds.

    And....this is why procratinators gots to procrastinate.


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