Thursday, February 7, 2013

Did You Know

I got a Furbish python tray for my birthday? It looks great in my bar. Lots of joy!!!
Thanks Betsy and Tracy!!

I have a disco ball in my closet...
I like a little bit of sparkle in unexpected places.

And I secretly like Katy Perry...
But don't tell my kids. They already think I am hideously uncool. 
(Apparently singing along to songs while driving carpool is SO embarrassing)
One of my favorites here
Anything you want to share???

Katy Perry


  1. Sissy- you need to add dance steps- I was doing my best rendition of Bruno Mars singingand dancing Locked out of Heaven spins and all and Griffin walked in and said EWWWW!

  2. I kind of like Katy Perry too although I wish she'd quit singing songs about menage a trois because it makes me uncomfortable. I even saw her movie which made me respect her more and her work ethic. Love your tray and disco ball! What is that ceramic figure next to your tray? Frog? Lizard. Need more info on that. Your bar looks well-stocked. Wish I lived closer so I could drop by for a cocktail! :)

  3. please. you are making me insane with jealousy over that tray. It's on my all-time wish list.

  4. Sissy, All I know is that it's the little things that matter. That perfect cup of Peets coffee that I French press. A photo of my father which I keep in my nightstand. Thanks for reminding me.


  5. OK I love the little disco ball for your closet. I wish mine was big enough to do that! I secretly like Katy Perry songs too! xo


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