Friday, February 1, 2013


A scarf from Rikshaw Designs Spring Collection. 
I love my Rikshaw tunic and tuxedo kurta and would love to get my hands on one of the new scarves...can't wait for the spring line to launch!! I hope it comes in blue or green!!

Love this chair I got several years ago in a barn outside of town. He has been happily living in Clay's room, but now I would love to spiff him up and put him in my living room. Problem? I need his mate. He is tired of being single. When you get a minute, check your attic, your grandmother's attic and your great aunt's garage. If you find one let me know, I would love to take it off your hands for a little $$$.

The Last Runaway

I also need a good book to read. Thinking about downloading this one. Has anyone read it? Or do you have a better idea? Let me know!!


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