Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fluffing - Who Knew?

 I have a little business where people call me to come fluff their homes. You pay me by the hour and I tell you what I think needs to be done to make you love your home.

 (this is from one of my all time favorite homes)
Sometimes it as simple as rearranging the furniture you have. Maybe buying a few new pillows. 

Staircase - Wallpaper in an entryway mixed with art and a blue storage piece

Or maybe you need art and some fun wallpaper. Most people just need a shove in the right direction. Or a few good ideas to get the ball rolling. Maybe you don't need a total overhaul but you are stuck and need a new perspective. That's where I come in. Sure, I can do more, but a lot of people today want to hunt and gather themselves, they just need ideas and a direction. 

Living Room - Children seated on a white couch backed by a gallery wall of art

I not only suggest paint colors and accessories I can also help fluff for a party. I even show up with art and accessories from my own stash for clients to borrow. But here's the funny part - last night after talking with a prospective client on the phone Bill said "You need to call yourself something different". Different than a fluffer? Yes, he said that is a term used in the porn industry. WHAT? Evidently that is the term used for someone who keeps the actors excited. Who knew? And how did Bill know? Hmmmm.....well, I do get people excited about their homes, but I think I'll come up with a new name..any suggestions? And if you need fluffing in your house e-mail me: Nothing x rated about it, I promise!!

pictures from: House and Garden & Lonny


  1. I have never heard of that kind of fluffer :) I use the word "fluffing" all of the time, but maybe I should rethink that....

  2. Oh, Sissy, I just laughed out loud. So glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth! I think I actually had heard of the, ahem, porn term, but never would have called it to mind. It takes a man to do that. :)

    I would love to have your decorative fluffing services used in my home - can you do long-distance fluffing?? I sort of do the same thing. I just call it decorating and in my services section I let people choose how much they want done. Maybe interior styling? I've heard a lot of people use that term and have thought about using it myself.

  3. How about a home therapist! The word therapy taps into the emotional side of " loving" your home. I am loving that you are back to posting.

  4. I like Chloe's 'home therapist' and the 'interior styling' terms. Fluffing... this is a really funny story.

  5. How about Interiour Zhusher? You add some spice, bring in freshness, zhush a space up! I learned about "fluffers" when I worked on Eastbound & Down...gotta love when work teaches you something dirty, I suppose!

  6. Oh that is funny. I would never have thought of that. What a great service you offer though...I like the idea of Zhusher!

  7. IS it weird that I knew what a fluffer was? I like Home therapist too! Soooo this is exactly what I need. I need you to come to my house please!?!?

  8. please keep "fluffing". the inside joke will always make you happy.

  9. I think, like me, you're nervous to call yourself what you are - an interior designer! Or at the very least, and Interior Decorator. I put Interior Stylist on my cards, but have to admit, that feels kinda cheesy. If/when you find the perfect title, clue me in!


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