Friday, January 18, 2013

Elephant Leg

I know skinny jeans and pants are in, I have some. I like them. 

rachel zoe

But at heart I am a wide leg, bell bottom type of girl .


Just something about them I love. 
I continue to wear them because they make me happy.

denim wide leg

If you had to choose which would you be? Skinny or bell? 
I was going to say skinny or wide but who would want to be wide? 

pictures from Pinterest


  1. You and Rachel Zoe love those bell/wide leg pants - so you're obviously in good company! I actually prefer the skinnies just because I'm a bit obsessed with tall boots (seriously, it's all I wear in the winter) and skinny jeans are perfect for boot-wearing. Also, I'm a little clumsy so always feel like I'm going to trip in really wide-legged pants. I love the look, though, and do have some!

  2. I love everything in the second picture. Do you have any info on what she's wearing?

  3. I love both, but have been on a mission for a skinny jean lately. do you have any flare favorites? would love to know!

  4. I don't do skinny jeans. I'm a boot-cut gal, but I love nothing more than a true wider-than-wide leg!

  5. I love boot cut jeans but bell bottoms are a bit too wide. Ultimately, you have to wear what you like, right?

  6. Really flared jeans can make me look short. I need to figure out how to make my legs look long in bellbottoms like RZ! xo

  7. I'm with you- a flares girl all the way! I should change the blog name to Savoir-Flare.

  8. Love these images the wide bottoms look so feminine...I have a couple and wear them a lot but they need to be with really high heels cause I'm skinnies with flats and belles with high heels....I can't wait for waistlines in jeans to come back up

  9. wide. I just bought 2 pairs of palazzo pants. I used to think you had to be tall to wear them (I am not) but I wear them anyway.

  10. So bell! I always will be no matter what! Great pics!

  11. As a child of the 80s, I find skinny jeans to look so dated. There isn't much from the 80s that should be repeated. ;) I also think they call a bit too much attention to those of us who have hips! I am not a fan.

    I love a nice boot cut or wide leg pant.

  12. Love me some bell bottoms cause I'm an old hippie at heart.....but don't like wearing higher shoes....:(


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