Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chandelier Thoughts..

So for my dining room, I am loving this Lindsey Adelman chandelier. 
Now I know it is not for everyone, but it just may be for me. 

Or it would be if money weren't an issue. 
Fabulous ain't cheap and since the glass is hand blown, I get it, I just can't afford it. 

But not to worry...because the artist/designer is just as fabulous as her chandeliers and she has provided DIY instructions so you can make your own. How cool is that!!??

And here it is. I have had this site bookmarked for ages. I just haven't actually done anything with the instructions. But look who did...

Albertina from Mimosa Lane,
one of my new favorite bloggers, actually made the dang chandelier and it looks great. 

There may be a DIY in my future. Who am I kidding? There may be a DIY in Bill's future. 

What about you? Loving it?


  1. LOOOOVING IT!!!! There might be DIY in my future!
    The new rug is killer and that would be the perfect touch! Good Luck!...-A

  2. OK- I can see you making a star for the Christmas tree but this might be a bit much to do yourself- you know since electricity is involved... MW

  3. Okay, you know I think sometimes we were separated at birth. I have loved this chandy HARD for so long. That first dining rooms is one of my favorites! Do it! Or make Bill do it! I want one - off to check out this site ASAP. You are always so ahead of the curve.

  4. I love it! You can do it!!!! It reminds me of the Julia Roberts movie, "Runaway Bride". She ended up opening a custom lighting store in NYC. Her creations were my favorite part of the movie, besides Richard Gere that is!

  5. Love Albertina!!!!! I have been LOVING these chandeliers lately too!!! They are so cool!! xo

  6. Yes! I'd love to see you make it.

  7. That's so funny - I just "pinned" the instructions because I saw it on this House and Home video and loved it! So I say yes, do it!

    And here, too:

  8. I love it and the fact that you made it (or Bill made it!) will be even more lovely! The rug looks fantastic! I want it even more now - love those black and white stripes!

  9. Thank you for highlighting my DIY today!! and for your sweet words :) Her designs are just amazing. And I'm just so thrilled she offers a DIY version. I promise you can do it. You don't even need your husband. It seems really intimidating but its not bad at all. I'm a spray paint kind of DIYer and had no problems. I really encourage you to try. ANd I have to say its so cool to strip wires and wire sockets....I'm a fan! Do it!


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