Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Christmas

A friend of mine, Ivey B., sent me some fun pictures last week that she thought I would love.

And she was right!! Those are my blue goblets looking all fancy and festive.

I need to remember to actually use them instead of just admiring them.
(But I might cry if one got broken. I would get over it fast, but I just want to warn you that you might see real tears)

The rest of the house is pretty fabulous as well. Love the tree....over stuffed and perfect. Check out more pictures here.


  1. Love the blue. Beautiful house.

  2. One word: stunning! Three more words: I love it!

  3. If they're worth crying over, then they're definitely worth using! :) Thanks for sharing. The Christmas tree is, in fact, PERFECT!

  4. Of course, it's the And George people. Love that house, and it looks perfect at Christmas. I was just about to post some photos of my Christmas decor but now I feel a bit inadequate. Did I ever tell you I have some Vallerysthal goblets I bought off eBay a long time ago? I bought four and one was broken. So was my heart. But good news, super glue works! I've used them and everything.

  5. So fresh and pretty as a decorating scheme.

  6. I am still sad that I didn't buy chairs almost identical to those in the picture when I was in an antique store this fall. When I returned to buy them, they were gone. They were perfect.

  7. Love those blue goblets!



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