Friday, December 2, 2011

Birds on the Loose

Hooper and Ann are going to be hard to live with. First they started hanging out with Genevieve now they are off to London for a four day shopping-decorating trip. Was I invited on any of these fun excursions? No. I was left behind to work. I am over at their blog today, Birds of a Feather, while they are living it up. Come on over and cheer me up. Here

And by the way, I am fun too. I would be a good addition to any trip. I am particularly fun in warm climates. Just saying.


  1. Okay, I totally saw Genevieve in her showroom on the same day as I met Mary McDonald, but I thought one celebrity meeting a day was enough so I didn't go in. Ha. Still can't believe I missed seeing Hooper and Ann! And I am beyond green with envy they're in London. Off to read your post!

  2. you are funny AND you're right, you ARE fun- in any weather!! xo

  3. We should plan an excursion ... where shall we go? I am thinking a safari would be a lovely adventure! As you always say — a girl can dream!

  4. You are so funny that people should pay to have you on their trips!

  5. Well Booo I think you should Always be included. I will come over and see you at Birds of a Feather though!

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