Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Date With Colin Firth

Did you know a lot of movies and TV shows are filmed here in Wilmington? Let's see, Sleeping With The Enemy, Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill to name a few. In fact, years ago, I had lunch with Dennis Hopper. Sort of. I sat at a table next to him as he ate his lunch, but that was good enough for me. I didn't even stare. I know better than that. So back to Colin....a couple of weeks ago a movie scout stopped by to take pictures of our house to possibly use in his next movie.

Next the director came by with his hipper than me crew and took more pictures and got my hopes all sky high, you know? I was already picking out my outfit for our first date.

I got my hair highlighted and nails done only to find out they picked another house!! Damn!! Thankfully the house is only one street over and one of my closest friends lives there. I am happy for her...really. And I walk by her house once, twice, sometimes 8-10 times a day, so I am sure I'll get to meet the King. But he needs to hurry before my roots start showing again.

Oh and Emily Blunt is also in the movie and I am sure she is lovely, but I am just not as excited about meeting her.

So, what about you? Are you a fan of Colin's?


  1. Are you kidding me?? I'm totally a Colin Firth kind of girl. I love lots of Brits though. Clive Owen is my favorite then Daniel Craig. Oh, you get the idea. So jealous you might get to see him in person!! Lucky girl!

  2. He's a hottie! (I'm a cougar!) Hope you get to meet him. This post was the first one I read this morning. Thanks for starting my day off with a giggle.

  3. No way!! That is amazing....for your friend. Boo.....

  4. When can I come visit? He's dreamy and awkward and hot all in him.
    Get over there!

  5. Emily Blunt is my girl crush ... love her. No knocks to Colin, he is cute too. I need to know where filming will take place PLEASE!

  6. Totally jealous!! I'm a big Colin Firth fan, and Emily too... I guess I'm an anglophile...Love the British!

  7. Oh gosh, Sissy, you know I am coming to Wilmington{I have the date on my calendar} to walk by the house over and over because I love Colin Firth so much. I don't even know who Emily Blunt is and don't care, but you KNOW how I have always loved Colin. But you are too funny with your Dennis Hopper- you make me laugh.

  8. That is beyond cool! I adore Emily Blunt and am moreso obsessed with her husband so if you spot him in your hood then email me immediately and I will hop in my car. For realz.

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