Monday, October 3, 2011

No Way!!

Every time I see these pictures I am blown away.

The "wallpaper" was made by artist Peyton Cosell Turner

Can you tell what she used to make the designs?

Stickers? Can you imagine??
Go back and look again. Isn't it amazing!!??
Somebody has more patience than I do...and creativity and talent.


  1. Yes! Such talent, I was amazed when I saw this in Elle Decor. It made me laugh and think of all the Lisa Frank stickers I collected as a kid!

  2. I know this blew me away and made me want to go visit all my friends with children and steal all their stickers.

    It's incredible.

    xo Jane

  3. love that delightful look. when you see the stickers up close, the design is kinda novagratz-y, isn't it? awesome...

  4.! I was blown away on that one!

  5. How on earth did she ever think to do that? Consider me impressed.

  6. I have never seen this - so amazing! Thanks for keeping me in the loop, as usual. Crazy talented. How do people do this? I should have kept all my sticker books from my childhood and put them to better use!

  7. inspiring. love the whimsy of it. looks so serious and grown up, til you look closer. kind of like most of us grown ups!

  8. So fun! Great find, I love this!


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