Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Started off with a Scare

I had a little scare this morning, I have a bad case of dietcocaphobia with a side of bacophobia. Never heard of it? It is a fear of running out of Diet Coke and bacon. In my house this is a reason to be afraid, very afraid. Especially since the kids are out of school today. Thankfully, after totally panicking and a near meltdown, I went back through the fridge and found one last cold Diet Coke behind some very old orange juice. The can was a little sticky but caffeine addicts can't be picky.
Now the Halloween festivities can begin..pumpkin carving, candy shopping...and of course trick or treating. Hope you have a great night!!


  1. You're a hoot, Sissy. I'm eating my bacon right now. Tragic to be without your favorites. So glad you've got your Diet Coke fix! Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween to you and your little goblins!

  3. just laughed out loud. have had similar scenes here! Most people can probably relate to the diet coke, but the bacon addiction makes us special.

    Happy Halloween!



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