Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Bazaar is Open

You know what I have learned about myself? I am an idea girl. New ideas every fifteen minutes-no problem. Follow through? Not so much. I have been so excited about Blue Hydrangea Bazaar, but it wasn't until late Friday night that I realized I actually had to create a new blog. Start from scratch...what was I thinking? I almost freaked out. But yesterday I got to work...I thought about putting on one of Clay's ADHD patches...but I didn't, yet. And I got almost everything done.

I have listed a few of my favorite things for sale. Think of Blue Hydrangea Bazaar as the chicken coop of online stores. It's not fancy, but it's fun. Go check it out here; feel free to buy as much as you like. There's more good stuff to come. And be sure to let me know what you think!!


  1. Yeah! Can't wait to check out the BH Bazaar. I have trouble with follow-through too, so I totally understand. Didn't know there was an ADHD patch. My dear daughter takes a pill sprinkled in her yogurt. :)

  2. Love all of your goodies! My daughter takes a pill but I am glad to know there is a patch.
    xo a fellow idea girl


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