Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Wonder and a Winner

Do you ever wonder where people get their energy and decision making skills?

See this? Well Sarah from La Maison Boheme saw Jamie's fabulous painted wall and decided to try it herself.

Jamie's wall at the new Furbish.
Pretty great isn't it? I saw it too and loved it. Thought it would be great for my entrance hall since I can't seem to commit to anything. It would be easy and cheap and when I change my mind, no big deal. So I will now think about this for months. But not Sarah

She saw it one day and painted it the next. Can you imagine? And it looks amazing. See more pictures here.

Now the winner of the $75 gift card form Novica is...

Kim from A Pile of Style!! Be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!! And Kim, let us know what you buy with your gift card!!


  1. yes! same thoughts here. Sarah has TWO YOUNG KIDS and did that in one day. My ONE KID is in school all day and I can't even get past, "where's my paintbrush...?" (I'm gonna do this in my guest bath but it'll be a while)

    congrats to kim! donna

  2. Love it and prefer Sarah's grey version - so pretty! This has me thinking in circles :)

  3. Thank you so much for posting my little project here! I'm giddy!

  4. i am LOVING the 2nd picture!!

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