Monday, July 25, 2011


As promised here are the shopping details from Friday...

Sac Art
Susan & Tom Covington
Corner of Castle Street and Wrightsville Ave
A warehouse full of fabulous finds.

Vintage film cabinet? Yes, please.

Need an old door, mantle or sign? This is the place for you.
Susan & Tom can do just about anything. Susan can design and decorate your home and whatever she dreams up Tom can build.

Susan and Tom have helped me with several projects around my house. One of my very favorites is my baby gate.

I had an old door sitting around that I had no plans for, so Susan took it and had Tom make it into a dutch door with textured glass. I added a sliding lock on one side and...

Ta-Da! Stylish baby gate. Sure he can open it now, but for several years this fab door kept Butterball from escaping the kitchen and den area. It's much better when you know where you baby is...

Are you itching to get in that warehouse or need something with a little personality? Call Susan at 910-262-5111 or e-mail at:


  1. How nice of you to share that crazy good source with us....guess you feel safe knowing that I live 9 hours away.....

  2. Love that ingenious baby gate, Sissy! I had an ugly old metal one from Babies R Us or some equally depressing place. This one is so stylish! And love their warehouse. There's a similar place here in Nashville that sells cool old salvaged architectural pieces - doors, mantles, newel posts, lighting, etc. I might like SAC more because it actually has furniture too! :)

  3. Love your dutch door! I'd love to lose myself in their warehouse for awhile :)

  4. What a great idea...the alternative (white plastic from Babies R Us) might leave me saying, "Have you seen the baby?" and like you, I think it's much better to know!

  5. I love this idea!!! I so need to come to Wilmington and visit these fine folks.


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