Friday, July 22, 2011

Have you ever...

Seen anything so cool? It's a folding day bed!!
It's old and from an artist's studio in New Orleans.

It even has it's own ID number. I think it would be fabulous set up permanently as a day bed or folded and kept under a bed to pull out for overnight guest. Wouldn't your kids love to sleep on this?

I saw it, couldn't resist it, but I have no room in the Inn, my guest room or my booth, so I am considering selling it. Since I have never seen anything like this and can't find anything similar on the Internet I have no idea of it's value. Here's where you come got anything for me? Info? Ideas? Let me know. (And Ann don't worry, you get first shot at it)

At the same fabulous shopping spot I also picked up this chaise lounge.

Anybody need a project? Anybody want to know where I picked up my new additions? Well, I am going to tell you. On Monday. So be sure to stop back by for all the shopping info.

Any info or interest leave a comment or e-mail me at

Have a great weekend!!


  1. you have to take me shopping. xo

  2. I almost emailed you this a.m. to ask if you had priced it yet! (I have my whole sunroom designed around my head) I've been researching with no luck, but I'll keep going! ...-A

  3. Wow, it's amazing! I can think of a gazillion different room settings this daybed would work in.

  4. I think it is worth a dollar....can I buy it????

  5. so cool, sissy. don't you love finds like that? donna

  6. Wow! What great finds!!! I would love that daybed in my house/studio:)

  7. I have no idea about pricing, but I would start with searching for campaign furniture similar to that-- the real deal, not the 60's remakes, since it is all designed to collapse. So incredibly awesome-- if I still had a sunroom I would so need that daybed!

  8. those are brilliant sissy. why don't you and it go to china and have them reproduced. i'll take 20 for my shop! see, you are already in biz!!

  9. this is a camp bed, not difficult to find. Try flea markets such as Scotts in Atlanta. High hundred to low two hundred would be about right....good luck

  10. People keep this furniture in smaller spaces. This kind of furniture completely fit in your home. You get enough space in your home with chic furniture.


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