Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Flor

Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) Flor Tiles,
I have long admired your Flor tiles and even ordered two sets of samples for my poor sad laundry room. Last December my laundry room floor sent out a cry for help.


Not one to ignore the needy I got to work on a plan. A plan that involved painting this design on my floor.

The pattern proved too difficult, so with the help of my painter friend Ann, we came up with this...

Not too bad and after spending two full days taping off the floor and painting one small section I realized I hated it. Tragic, I know. It was time to go back to the drawing board. (This is where the story gets good)

Then it hit me, forget painting. What about Flor Tiles? They come in hundreds of cool colors and patterns.

They would cozy up my laundry room and give it a fresh clean look. Samples were ordered, styles were picked. It was time to place an order.

Then more tragedy; a plumbing bill the size of Texas. I know it is not polite to discuss money, so let's just say that the bill had three zero's in it. No more money for Flor Tiles.

I wasn't even going for something crazy. Just the Toy Poodle in yellow and white. Wouldn't it look great in a checker board pattern? Or maybe one of your fabulous patterns? Decisions, decisions.

So, if you have some extras just laying around and you want to trade them for free advertising on my blog e-mail me:
This could be so fun for both of us. I could take before, during and after shots. Show everyone how easy it is and how good the product looks. Doesn't that sound like such a good time? Readers, wouldn't you love to see Flor Tiles in action in my laundry room? (you all need to respond so Mr. & Mrs. Flor Tile will see how many wonderful customers, I mean readers, they will be reaching.)
Thanks so much!


  1. I receive a catalog featuring FLOR, but have never seen them outside of a catalog. I would love to see your room transform with help of this product. I have a very small laundryroom myself, so it wouldn't be expensive. I'll have to see how yours turns out first though.

  2. ... forgot to mention: I am a renter. This seems like a great product that a renter can decorate with and still take with when its time to move.

  3. Sissy~ I'm all about helping a girlfriend make laundry fun! I actually think the taped off floor pics look great but it would be sad to find out you hate it after so much work! Good luck in getting your tiles!

  4. I've been wondering out FLOR tiles forever, and I love the idea of them! Hopefully the people's from FLOR will answer your plea, because I'd love to hear what you think of them. They seem perfect for a laundry room!

  5. WHY didn't the paint job look good?! Looks like it would've. Hope you get your Flor tiles. xo

  6. Love Flor tiles. I had them in my playroom and they are fantastic. When one gets messed up you can just pull it up and pop in a new tile. Would be perfect in a laundry room. Good luck on getting Flor as a sponsor.

  7. I love FLOR tiles and I hope you get them in your laundry room ASAP!!! You deserve them after all of your hard work!

  8. I think that is a fantastic idea! I hope the kind folks at Flor are reading. I would love to see a before and after inSissy's laundry room. I may just be in the market for some myself:) fingers crossed for you!

  9. You are too funny. Would love to see Flor transform your laundry room!

  10. Hopefully the Flors will see this! Would love to see the tiles on your floor.

  11. Okay, did you send the Flor people the link to this? Because I did a post a while back about how FLOR tiles always had the best-styled rooms that I'd often seen before. I was suspicious that they had just photo-shopped their rugs into magazine shots. Anyway, the nice FLOR person was so nice to answer my email and I included her response in the post. So, they might respond! It's worth a shot. I love this idea. Much easier than painting. Although, I liked that idea too. I'm easily swayed. I'll shut up now.

  12. Oooh - yes, yes, yes!! I'd love to see. Come on FLOR tiles. We all love Sissy and would surely purchase them as well.

  13. So sorry about the plumbing bill! I hope it all works great in the end!

  14. I would love to see how the Flor tiles come out, if you get them. Keep us posted. I dream about a laundry room that looks so inviting that you forget it is a place to work!


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