Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gwyneth at the CMA's

Did you see Gwyneth on the CMA's last night? I am not a huge country fan, but was so curious to see Gwyneth Paltrow singing live. I was all set to watch. All 3 hours. Big talk from a girl who is usually asleep by 10. I couldn't hang. I had to tape it. For those of you who also missed her performance you have to check out this video I saw on Style Chronicle.

A few thoughts on the video:
1.Loved Gwyneth's pants. I got some similar riding pants with zippers from the Gap. I am going to wear them the next time I sing a country song.
2. Tim McGraw looks cute without his hat.
3. I need to tone my arm muscles.

Did you see the show? How did Gwyneth do?
Isn't the video great?


  1. So funny, I just did a post on Gwyennie at the CMA'S too! I fell asleep too and just watched it this morning. She has a good voice but seemed uncomfortable. Loved both of her dreses though, she is gorgeous!

  2. I watched the recap this am - yes, she seemed really nervous, but that actually endeared her to me - made her seem more accessible than usual.
    Girl has it ALL, and I think that's why so many people love to hate her.
    I thought she did very well at the CMAs - she took a risk, and that alone is commendable.

    Oh, and yeah - that outfit in the video kicks boot-AY!

  3. I so love Gwyneth, she could read the phone book and I'd listen... she did really well last night... girls got class!

  4. I liked the video-is it from a movie? I'm oblivious to what's playing these days!

  5. Gwyneth is a good example of how unfair life can be...she's beautiful, seems happy with her life and family, a wonderful actress, has great style, and now she can sing AND play guitar, too! WTF? But she stills seems so normal and likable...well, good for her, I guess!

  6. Evidently she was reaaalllly nervous about it -- lost sleep and appetite! I thought she was great. AND, she looked pretty fantastic. Would die for those legs!

    Did you see her in Duets back in 2000? She did a "duet" with Huey Lewis. She does seem to have it all!

  7. She was amazing! Beautiful, talented and a lovely family (and she plays the guitar?!)

    Proud to have another wonderful, talented, strong woman out there!

  8. I was surprised by her singing talent. I had no idea.
    On a kind of related note, does anyone else think it would be super easy to write the words to a country song? They all say the same thing. I think that audience is so easy to nail. Sheep.

  9. I wish I had stayed up--thanks for posting this. I am such a Gwyneth fan!

  10. what? had no idea she went country! she does look great. I so need to get back to pilates.

  11. I have it tivo'd... couldn't stay up that late! Can't wait to watch it.

  12. I love Gwyneth..really love her. I think she is beautiful, classy, elegant and talented. I missed the CMA's but I think she did GREAT in this video.

    And yes, I need to exercise too...her arms (and legs) look Fabulous!

  13. I stayed up just to watch her and think she rock'd it! the girl has it going on. am with you on point's #2 and #3. think the answer might be I need point #1.

  14. I missed it! Thanks for posting video. She has a great voice and well, Tim McGraw is just hot period, hat or no.

  15. I just cannot keep up!

  16. I was surprised to hear her singing...thanks for posting!

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  18. Yikes...what the heck is that above? GP...want to kind of hate on her, b/c she is perfect in my book...but I don't...I LOVE her, and I don't even like country all that much either...but still think she was amazing!

  19. Sissy- Great for her! She looks and sounds lovely!

    Am I under a rock lately? What's the movie in the video?



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