Monday, March 8, 2010

My Oscar Night

It would have been a big night IF I had gone to the Oscars. I know what I would have worn. I have a skirt I have been saving for a special occasion ever since this post.

I would have switched the denim shirt for a white tee. It was the Oscars after all. Worn with fabulous diamond earrings and strappy sandals. It would have been perfect. For me. I didn't want to steal too much of the attention. You know how prickly big stars can be.
Now for my date....

Should I go for the obvious choice?

Someone to make me laugh?

Or the unexpected bad boy?
I think Sean Penn is cute in an "I can pump your gas" or "Beat up the paparazzi" kind of way.

Thoughts and pics from the evening....

Mariska Hargitay looked fabulous!! I have got to give her a shout out because she is no spring chicken! I know because she is my age.

Charlize Theron. What are you looking at? I know! It is a beautiful dress, but the pink swirls are in awkward spots...don't you think? A little Madonna-ish.

I love Sarah Jessica Parker

And Cameron Diaz. But when not partying with all my famous friends, I was able to watch a little of the show on T.V. HDTV and dang!!! I could see every stinking wrinkle on these two. Obviously HDTV was invented by a man. No woman wants to see all that detail. Especially of their faces. I watch the Oscars for the fantasy factor. Not reality.

I do not get this fabric. Loved the style of the dress. But the fabric looks like she borrowed it from the hostess at her favorite Chinese restaurant.

Help me here. This is Demi Moore. Demi Moore who? I wasn't convinced it was her until I heard her speak. Don't get me wrong, she looks great. Just not like Demi Moore. Do you think she had more plastic surgery?

I could go on and on, but I am exhausted. And I need a Diet Coke. I may add more photos later.

What did you think? Who was your favorite? Which date would you pick?


  1. Wow, didn't recognize her there either. I did love Diaz's dress! And as a date, I'm a sucker for a guy that makes me laugh.

  2. Cameron Diaz's dress is my favorite---those sparkles!!!! XO P.S. You definitely should take Sean Penn next year, he's so scruffy handsome : )

  3. so fun. I missed the oscars, we had KJ's surprise party instead. Love being able to see the dresses.

  4. I liked Sandra Bullock's dress best - especially since she won. I think she would have looked silly otherwise in a gold, Oscar-esque dress.

    Oh - and definitely Steve Carroll.

  5. Holding my can of Diet Coke up and giving yours a virtual "clink"! Have now had my fill of Oscar coverage, and on overkill...EXCEPT for yours...its the best! You need your own red carpet show to wear your RL, love all your picks and comments so much!

  6. Ummm Charlize is so beautiful without drawing that extra attention to the boobs like that!

    I loved SJP's dress - she looked fantastic!

    I like Cameron's dress - but haven't we seen it before? I feel like that look has been done.

  7. The night (dress wise) goes to Cameron Diaz with a close 2nd Sandra Bullock...
    Date, hmmmmm, George...just for the night...I'm married ! hehehe

  8. Great coverage.
    I loved SJP's dress. I thought Sandra Bullock looked great. Mariska? When does she ever look bad, I mean, not ever. Pretty Charlize had cupcake swirls on her boobies.
    I laughed my head off several times with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.
    (or is he Alex?)
    It was worth staying up for.

  9. Mariska.Simply perfect

  10. One more mention... I thought Jennifer Lopez looked glamorous in her swishy dress. It sure beats the pants off the dress she wore a few years ago that had to be taped down to her navel. She looked lovely last night.

  11. I didn't recognize Demi, either! But she looks a-mazing! I loved Mariska's dress.


  12. I would pick George as my date. My gosh!

    Demi looked AMAZING.

  13. My favorites were, Helen Mirren (stunning!), Anna Kendrick, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and I think I kinda loved Vera Farmiga's. I didn't like everything about my favorites, but I'm saying only the positive (New Years resolution). The color of Charlize's dress was gorgeous and I think it would have worked better if those little rossettes had been connected, if it didn't have that space between them.

    As for Mariska, yes, beautiful. I'm just having a hard time believing you're 46?!

  14. Hehe... Great post! I actually think demi looked the best. It's very strange how she keeps looking younger and younger...

  15. Demi looks great, but not like herself and I think that's sad. The old Demi was so beautiful and I liked it that she was aging and looking comfortable in her skin. So much for that!

  16. you should be on the runway sissy as a commentator, LOL!

    of course george, for ONE night, YES!

    ps; are not 46!!?

  17. Fabulous wrap up! I would add Helen Mirren to the list. I only hope I look half as good as she does as I age :)

  18. Love your Oscar picks, and you're so right... Demi doesn't even look like Demi anymore! I think she's had some major work done to keep looking that young!


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