Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am a lucky girl. I get to blog about all my problems. What fabric should I get? Which jacket should I buy? What sandals are the cutest? I am lucky to have the problems I have.

I have the cutest family you could imagine and we are all healthy and happy. And I know I am lucky. Not everyone has the luxury of worrying about clothing and interior design.

Debra from 5th and State recently had a contest, a makeover of your home's exterior. Drawings of the house as well as landscaping. An awesome giveaway. I didn't win. Someone much more deserving than me won. Gay from Michigan. Gay is thrilled that she won, but there is something else she would love even more.

A bone marrow match for her husband. I can't do Debra's post justice, so you can check it out here. Over the past year I have been touched and amazed by the generosity of the blogging community. On the surface we can seem like a pretty shallow group, obsessed with ourselves and our silly hobbies. But dig a little deeper and we are a pretty good bunch of people who look out for each other. Need something? Ask. We will usually step up to help. This is one of those times. If you are not already signed up on the Bone Marrow Registry you can sign up here. Super quick and easy!!! I joined years ago while working for the Red Cross, but having moved many times and gotten married with a crazy long last name, I am having them trace my records to make sure I am still on file. If not, I'll sign up again.

Let's spread a little hope and joy!
Thanks! Sissy

pics from: Garden Shed Hall of Fame, Two Straight Lines, Cornel Gingarasu Photography


  1. thank you for the inspiration....

  2. My college dorm had a bone marrow registry drive every year, so I've been on the list for years. I never thought about updating my address with them, though, so I'm doing that now! Thanks for the inspirational post.

  3. every word is so very true... thank you.

  4. Such a touching post. Going to add myself to the registry. XO Katie

  5. I am not on the list so will indeed sign up. What a touching and true post!

  6. I just did this on Saturday. There was a story in teh Washington Post about a recent Duke graduate who has a rare blood cancer - needs a bone marrow transplant. I was so moved by the story that we drove over an hour to go get swabbed for the registry! Awesome and inspiring.....Thanks, Claire

  7. very true- took me till my 40's to stop focusing on what I don't have and appreicating what I DO have!

  8. Thank you for the post and bringing awareness to the issue. Also, if you are pregnant or know someone who is, please donate the blood cord

  9. sissy;

    thank you for this story! there is such a connectedness(a word?) in blogging and the potential is amazing. LOVED your perspective for this cause....but, i have loved reading your blog for so long now, i delight in EVERY post
    ps; no, your house did not win, IT IS SO CHARMING, not surprisingly

  10. Thanks for this. I've been meaning to do this all week, and this was just the extra nudge I needed. :)

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  12. You're so right! It's important to remember the good things we have in our lives from time to time. There are many people out there with true problems.

    Sometimes I'd like to tell a few of my clients that if their rug is delayed by a month, it is not a catastrophe. ;-)


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