Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenny

Recognize this little hamburger pusher?

How about this newly tattooed 20 year old?

Yep, it's Jenny from My Favorite and My Best.

But I think she should call it My Funniest and Most Outrageous, because she has the greatest sense of humor and the most outrageously beautiful design pictures.

Today is Jenny's 40th Birthday

I don't remember how I found My Favorite and My Best, but at first I was shocked. "She said that!! OMG! She did say that!! " I was shocked and I loved it! In my head I am edgy and different. In reality I am pretty white bread/vanilla. Not Jenny. In high school I am sure she was one of those cool girls you wanted to hang out with but were kind of scared of. That's how I felt when I started reading her blog. Then, after an exchange of comments and e-mails I got to know her better. Yes, she's edgy, cool, crazy funny and super nice. Not scary at all. Well except for the time she offered to wrestle me for a pair of Frye boots and warned me that she would kick my ass. Hey, at least she's honest.

So in honor of your birthday Jenny, I am giving you the Frye Carson boots. No fighting necessary.

And by "giving you", I mean just this fabulous picture of them. Enjoy them as you prance around Atlanta in all your 40 years of hotness!!! Today a Hooter's commercial, tomorrow a reality show.....just don't forget us little people when you are obnoxiously famous!!

Happy Birthday Jenny!!
If you get a chance hop over to her blog and wish the old hag Happy Birthday!!

And big shout out to the Jenny's husband Mike, he's got to be the most thoughtful husband around!!


  1. Well done Sissy,
    You summed up how I felt when I discovered MFAMB. Jenny blew the sock off of me... being just a tad different than others in blog land.

    Wishing you a great 40th birthday Miss Wendy.
    mb from Texas.

  2. Happy B-Day to Jenny!

    P.S I missed you girl! I'm sorry I've been m.i.a for a while.

  3. You're pretty hot yourself. Now pass the cake.
    xo xo

  4. thank you so much for those boots and for being a part of this crazy virtual party. i am so lucky to have you girls as friends. i truly truly TRULY cannot thank you enough for what this all meant to me. i feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. i will never forget it and would never knock you down over a pair of boots again. nope...i would gladly hand them over even if my goddamn feet were falling off!


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