Monday, December 7, 2009

Are you in the Mood..

For a little Christmas?

These pictures help me get into the holiday mood.

Practical? No. Fabulous? Yes!

You know Santa Claus is coming to town. He's making a list, checking it twice..

Going to find out who's naughty or nice...

Or who's been griping and complaining about all there is to do....

You know who you are...snap out of it! Join in the fun. Stop by Starbucks, get a Gingerbread Latte, turn on some Christmas music and sniff the tree.... I'm feeling better already. What about you?

pictures from: Style Redux, Small Space Style, Twig & Thistle, J Crew, My Favorite Things, Daisy Pink Cupcake


  1. Such fun images! Love smelling the Christmas tree!

  2. I put up the Christmas tree yesterday. I really do feel a whole like better. Suddenly every things seems way more manageable. Really.
    Now, it only I could get it to stop leaning heavily to one side. Yikes....

  3. Finals are about to start and I will keep this post in mind. I'm really going to try to not complain and go get myself a latte! Great post!

  4. I'm almost there, almost there....That parcel package with the precious tag and striped string helps me along - as wonderful paper always does!
    Happy Happies to you for kickin' us slow-movers in the rear end!

  5. those clear boxes with the crackers and choc are awesome, I totally need a bunch of those for gifts.

  6. I busted out all the decorations this weekend and watched Christmas Vacation ... I am totally ready!
    vintage, handmade jewelery!

  7. I love those clear boxes with the makings for smores. How cool! I am def. in the mood for xmas this year, since I finally get to host! :-) Yay!

  8. that really lifted my mood! Seriously!

  9. i like that first pic. That's what I wear to wrap gifts!

  10. I agree! That first pic is totally putting me in the mood (I'm also contemplating making those smore packages for some friends!)

  11. These pictures are putting in me the mood!


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