Friday, December 4, 2009

A Gift? For Me?

It's December. That means Christmas and my birthday. December is really all about me. I know it is hard coming up with ideas for my gifts, so I decided to help you out. I am so thoughtful that I kept everything under $50..that's just the kind of person I am. (For Daddy Warbucks I will be posting bigger ticket items later)

Let's go to Anthropologie first. I am loving these pajama bottoms. $48 Here.
Good style doesn't stop at bedtime.

This critter coin purse would make a perfect stocking stuffer. $9.95 Here
Can you imagine actually knowing where your coins were instead of digging through your dirty purse every time someone wants candy out of the candy machine?

Much more fun than plain black, don't you think? $14.95 Here
Who doesn't want some super cute panties? These would make folding laundry more fun. $8.50 Here.

A subscription (or renewal) of House & Home would bring joy every month of the year. $56.95 Here. O.K. it is a little over $50 but SO worth it!!

I am loving this tiny Linda Hunt painting from Etsy. $45 Here
It reminds me of "The Homeplace", where my grandparents lived on the Intracoastal Waterway. I miss it.

And these belt buckles from Etsy seller MnM Treasures.

The prices are amazing $16 - $36

And they come in every color and style you can imagine. Perfect for friends, sisters and me!

Last but not least these paper mache birds from Perch. $45 Here They just make me smile, I think it is their little twig legs.

What do you think? See anything you like? Feel free to buy something for yourself. After all that shopping for everyone else you deserve something cute too! If you are lucky enough to live in Wilmington and need more gift ideas, stop by the:

Brookwood Neighbor's Artisan Sale
Friday December 4th & Saturday December 5th
10 - 5

9 Borden Avenue

Handcrafted & Vintage Items Including: Hand Painted Furniture, Wreaths, Jewelry, Baked Goods & More.


  1. you're funny. Happy Birthday early. I hope you get that painting. I love it. And the pj pants are fab.

  2. Happy early birthday ! Those belt buckles are making me giddy.....

  3. I want to see the big ticket items!!

  4. I really want that mag as well, but $50 seems so much higher than others out there. Asking for it for a gift is a great idea. Since I can't buy it right now, please share some of the inspiration from it's pages here on your blog!

  5. I can't believe that painting is only 45! I love it!

  6. I think I'm going to follow your cue and ask for that magazine - maybe for my birthday in February.
    Now to figure out how to explain to the husband WHY that magazine is $50+ and WHY I need it....

    And a good pair of pj bottoms is always a fun gift!

  7. the coinpurse is fantastic... i also love the painting. thanks for sharing.

  8. Lucky you! Christmas and a birthday. You'll be overflowing with gifts this month. Happy early Birthday.

    I'm so glad you enjoying reading my blog. I've definitely enjoyed yours since I found it a few months ago. xo, Cristi

  9. These are fantastic! I especially love the belt buckles. SO cool.

    AND< Happy Birthday!!!

  10. I totally have H&H on my list, I am obsessed with that magazine now :)

  11. Love your blog. I just linked to it from my blog and added you to my blog roll. I feature affordable products on my blog and I just had to blog about those gorgeous belt buckles. Thanks for the idea!

  12. So many great gift ideas. When is your birthday? Thanks for the birthday wish on Friday!! xx- brooke

  13. Well, at least you Americans now understand what it feels like for us Canadians when we long to subscribe to Vogue, Elle Decor, etc. but it costs a gazillion dollars just to have it sent to us across our border. It pains us. Deeply.


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