Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

Are you ready for the Holidays? Not me. I had a taste of what is to come Saturday at Butterball's Birthday Party and, frankly, I am scared. It was just family but still, that was 12 people. It all started with the egg free cake. I am not a baker but I can follow directions. All was well until I took it out of the cake pan to frost it.

It looked like a Birthday Pancake. So with an hour left before the guest arrived I decided to bake another layer. Two pancakes together almost equal a birthday cake. A little icing (actually a lot of icing to hide the dip on the side) and we were good to go.

All he really wanted was the icing. Next year he is getting a tub of icing and three candles.

Here he is blowing out the candles. Bill was also taping the excitement. Somehow during this time he got the video camera stuck in my hair. Evidently he didn't hear me saying "Bill, Bill, BILL!!!!" because he just kept yanking on the camera. Then it happened. The kind of warm, fuzzy moment we all hope to share with our children. I let one slip. It wasn't nice. And it is all on tape. Butterball, mama is sorry she said a bad word during your party, but I did have a video camera stuck to my head. One day we will laugh about this. Not today. Maybe when you are 18 and old enough to watch the video.

"What did you say?"

I wish I could show you more pictures, but shortly after this we had another incident. The twins were being extra rowdy and when I went to break it up, my camera was accidentally knocked out of my hands. Onto the floor. Where it broke. My NEW digital camera. No more bad words. There wasn't even any yelling. After all, we did have company. But there was some very angry whispering. About this time we broke out the beer and wine and laughed while Butterball blew out matches. At least he was happy.

Thankfully, the night ended on a happy note. The kids and I snuggled on the sofa and watched Willy Wonka. My hat is off to the costume designer. It must take a lot of work to make Johnny Depp look bad, but really, a bob? Disturbing.

Can you see why I am scared of Christmas? What about you? Ready to go or scared of a little HO HO HO?


  1. you are making me laugh out loud. I'm sorry about your camera, though. Mine hasn't worked in two years. Sad, but true. Still pictures will have to work for the Jones family. Also, you'll think I'm crazy, but I thnk C. is wearing something too cute and I need to know what it is. Or is that YOU?!

  2. HAHAHAHA I want to watch that tape! And we watched Willy Wonka too-without any kids home!

  3. i can't imagine Christmas with kids someday! it must be crazy!!

  4. too cute. i hope he had a great b'day! you did a lot better then my attempt to bake a big cupcake. it was awful!!

  5. You are too funny!! I bet your family members love coming to your house.

    I'm with you - I'm not ready for the holidays yet.

  6. I would love to be there when he is 18 and watching the video again haha :) Sounds like it was one amazing party!

  7. at the time not too funny, later.....memorable. NO, not ready for HO HO HO but you just provided some good HA HA HA, love it!

  8. Sorry to laugh but gee that was funny to was amazing that with the capital letters and exclamation marks,(BILL!!!!) I could almost hear you exclaiming here in Australia,lol.
    My daughter was invited to a b'day party last weekend and the b'day girl was so excited to see her guests arriving, she ran into a glass door and ended up at hospital with a broken nose :-/
    Nothing wrong with that cake, my kids get bad is that!

  9. awwww.... poor Sissy! Hope you can get it fixed! I have to say, Butterball should be in commercials or something! His little curls are soooo cute! P.S. The cake was adorable! Better than my best cake efforts on a GOOD day!

  10. histerical! If it makes you feel any better I totally burned my husband's birthday cake last week b/c I turned the oven on to broil instead of bake. It turned out well, and he will never know the difference. The kids really prefer the icing to the cake anyway. Take care!!


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