Monday, November 16, 2009

John Oetgen

While reading Things That Inspire's post about The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle Christmas House, I came across the name John Oetgen. I recognized his name from my days in Atlanta and decided to look him up.

Lucky me, I found a feature on his home in Atlanta Homes Magazine.

He shares the home with John Lineweaver and what a home it is.

Full of light, art ...

And fabulous one of a kind pieces.

What really stands out to me is that, although it is a beautiful home full of personal touches,

it doesn't fit into one decorating category. It looks timeless.

And really, isn't that the most any of us could ask for our homes?

Want to see more of his work? Check out the rest of this home that appeared in House Beautiful. The room above is my favorite. Gigantic plate wall, colorful pillows..who would have guessed.

Or how about this home? More good stuff here.


  1. that house in House Beautiful is one of my all time favorites. Isn't it the one with the quirky Dr. Suessy kitchen? All the rooms are fun and reflect that a young family lives there. Maybe he should come by my house...

  2. I also loved this article on him. The pictures are outstanding! Thanks for the post.

  3. I just love all the natural light in that house!

  4. A friend of mine lives on the same street as John, so I once decided to figure out which house was his on the street. I was very surprised - the home is fairly nondescript from the outside - but isn't that the best thing when the outside is plain, and the inside is absolutely amazing?

    I met John at the Kips Bay Showhouse in NYC this spring, in the Bunny Williams room, and made his acquaintance again at the Christmas House last week. He is such a charming and kind guy, and so talented!

    My all time favorite home he designed was in a magazine last year - a beautiful and unusual kitchen, a living room with the most amazing sconces. I need to look that up.

  5. just lovely... and i love your blog too! x pam

  6. Love the first room, it'd kitschy and fabulous! He really has done a lot of great work! Thanks for sharing!! :D


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