Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween got me thinking about ghosts, goblins and witches and my favorite witch was/is Samantha Stevens from Bewitched. If you're going to be a witch, might as well be good looking, right? I don't really care for all that wart stuff.

And that theme it. It just makes me want to twitch my nose. Want to hear it? Click here. Guess what? It is going to be stuck in your head all day.

I didn't really remember the house so I decided to look it up. Pretty cute huh?
I do love me some awnings...

Did you ever understand her attraction to Darren?

Look! Peacock blue on the chairs!!! So hip!!! Don't believe me? Check out this post.

Does that avocado refrigerator bring back any childhood memories? I think ours might have been harvest gold..

Wish I could see a close up of the coffee mugs...they look like they might work in my kitchen.

I don't remember ever seeing the nursery, but it's a cute one with the pink and green toile.

Here Samantha is painting a horse on Tabitha's crib...who knew she was crafty? If I were her, I would just twitch my nose and get it done right..and quick.

If you want to see more of my favorite witch and her house, check out Hooked on Houses. There are more pictures and lots of fun trivia.

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!!!
See you in November. (November, can you believe it?)


  1. I used to love to watch this show and haven't thought about it in years. Cute post! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. I always loved that house too. And I second the notion that Samantha was wayyyy to hot for Darren!

  3. elizabeth montgomery was gorgeous!!! i desperately wanted to be her when i was little. and you're right NEVER understood the attraction to EITHER darren.

  4. Oh I loved her! She always looked so cute and put together and she was almost always cheerful. I loved Endora's wild Mrs. Roper-esque ensembles as well.

    I didn't even click the link to the song and have it stuck in my head. :)

    You're right, Darren is such a tool! He was always whining and complaining and could never just embrace that he had a hot witch wife who basically came up with all of his ad campaigns single-handedly.

  5. What a GREAT post! I loved looking back at those pictures...brings back great memories. Did you notice that the avocado green refrigerator had the freezer on the bottom? Guess we've come full circle...

  6. too funny! I loved that show and totally have the theme song in my head. Samantha would make a great costume.

    oddly, I vividly remember the nursery!

  7. Hi! I just found your pretty blog, and your Bewitched post definitely made me smile coz I luv'd watching that show. And like you said, their theme song is now stuck in my head. :-)
    -marie @ mariesmaison

  8. LOL, I LOVED Bewitched! I was especially fond of her evil sister! You know,their carpet looks a bit like astroturf! I do love the nursery!

  9. You have been given a blogging award! Go to my site to read and accept your award! :) I love your blog!

  10. I loved watching that show when I was home sick from school. Looks like she's wearing skinny jeans in one of those scenes!

  11. Samantha and Darrin, Sissy and Bill go figure!

  12. Oh I love this house! I watched this show for years, I am trying to twitch my nose right now!

  13. Samantha was the best- even back then I was obsessed with houses and loved hers. Never liked Darwood, but Endora cracked me up. Who would give up {good} witchcraft for Darrin?!!

  14. I wonder when avocado green appliances will make a comeback... because then my washer and dryer will finally be stylish again.


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