Monday, November 2, 2009

20 Questions

Do you like pink?

Do you have a daughter?

Are you thinking about redecorating her room?

Do you need inspiration?

A starting point?

What about some cute bedding to get the ball rolling?

Pink Paisley Bedding. You like?

A close up of the fabric.

A queen size, custom made bed skirt and two pillow cases for sale: $75
I had this made for Doodles's room and she enjoyed it for about 6 months. Due to the unexpected arrival of Butterball the twins were moved upstairs. No room for a queen bed, so no use for the brand new custom made bedding. Typical. We are now looking for a stable family with a love of design & sleepovers. Interested? E-mail me:
(drop for the bed skirt 24 inches)
(p.s. I just put the bedding in this room to photograph it, please do not let my poor photography skills take away from this adorable bedding)

Update: Bedding Sold

pictures from: 1 & 2 Katie Ridder, Elle Decor, JPM Design, HGTV


  1. I love those rooms. Good luck selling- someone will be lucky to have it!

  2. These are AMAZING!!! I have two boys, so am no help (although when we went to buy a new booster carseat this weekend, my 2 1/2 year old wanted the bright pink "Girls Rock" car WAS much more fun than any of the others...)

  3. Love the snazzy "girl" bedrooms.
    Doubt you will have a problem selling your wares. I love the fabric combo/color.
    Don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of decorating? Please show us your daughters new room.

  4. it is really cute. we are moving away from the pinks though. but i am sure you will have no trouble selling it. it's gorgeous and very well priced.

  5. Wish I was in the market for pink... great deal for the right person...
    Love your wall treatment, is it wallpaper or paint?

  6. Love pink but I do not have any offspring. Great inspiration!

  7. Beautiful bedding! I love the pink paisley pattern, unfortunately I don't have a use for it! Oh, and thanks for linking to me!! :)

  8. If my niece had a double bed I'd buy that for her in a split second! Her favorite shade of pink!!!

  9. Very cute ... but no little ones yet!

  10. Sam's room is pink- but mixed with browns and her furniture is yellow....and she would wreck it in a heart beat!

  11. I just sent you an email- it would be perfect for my daughter's room!

  12. Too bad my girls have twin beds. Such cute bedding!

  13. My girls' rooms are set, but it is lovely!

    Your blog is darling too.

    cristin @ simplified bee

  14. The 4th photo down... is that really a scarf? It's beautiful! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today!


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