Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rashida Jones

Here it is..Rashida Jones' apartment from Domino magazine.

Love the crisp white sofa and..

The pale blue walls with pops of color. So me. Although I am sure she was not thinking of me when she decorated her apartment, I would feel right at home.

Even her storage is neat, organized and..

Fabulous. This is so not what you would see if you opened any of my cabinets.

If I remember correctly this is her bed. It is, after all, a NY apartment.

What's better than seeing Rashida Jones' NY apartment? What about also seeing her California home? While searching for pictures I found her LA apartment on Semigloss Chic.

It is from a Glamour Magazine article and guess what? More fabulousness.

Let's see, love the table, the mirror and the ottoman.
Yep, it's all good!

Here's a question, how does she get two apartments decorated to a T and I can't seem to wrap up one room in my house?

Alright, I'm off to bed early. Took the twins to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I ate way too much popcorn. Then I went back and got it refilled. And ate even more. Can you have a popcorn hangover?

Pictures from: Semigloss Chic, Domino, the Love List, We Love domino, and AphroChic.


  1. you're funny. I love popcorn. And these pictures. I've always loved that apartment!

  2. My great room walls are pale blue like that-Love the light colors but I just said yesterday I have to repaint when the dogs at the Furry Godmother for the day! They get dirty so fast! And I don't think some extra popcorn is going to hurt you you're so thin!

  3. i loved it since i saw it domino. it's so girly and pretty. and yes you can have a popcorn hangover, it's more commonly called a carb hangover. it's from a very high blood glucose level. as a diabetic i know this all too well.

  4. ooh love them both! she is so cute.

  5. i love her ny apt! it was always one of my favs!

    and yay for harry potter! im 24 and saw it the first day! and yes, popcorn hangovers are real.

  6. I love her style! It's so fresh feeling. When is she going to move into her SF apartment (a.k.a. MY apartment)? How was Harry Potter? I have to admit, even though I am above the age of 12, I really love the H.P. movies ;-)

  7. She obviously has a great eye! And is it even possible being THAT organized! I certainly wish I was!

  8. She has very good taste. I love both of these apartments.

  9. There's something about white bookshelves that makes my pulse race. I love them in the first couple of photos!

  10. I've always adored her feature from Domino, and it is so much fun to see the other feature too! And I ate a ton of kettle corn when my husband and I went to see Harry Potter, and I would have gotten a refill if I could have, although surely then I would have suffered a popcorn hangover too!

  11. Love her carefree and easy style. Both the apartment and the house seem like comfortable and lived in homes.

  12. She didnt get it done...decorators & PA's did.
    Celebs also have the chef, maids, trainers, nannies, chauffeurs, etc in their lives to reduce the stress & wrinkles.
    You live wisely & with great style... in the real world.

  13. Beautiful! Would happily move in to both:)

  14. Nice spot to oogle over whilst noshing on tubs of popcorn.
    (I too had a popcorn hangover from the long Harry Potter movie.)

  15. Love her and her apartments. I have wondered the same thing, how can she have 2 lovely homes?

  16. I love this home! It's beautiful and very lived-in looking. It's nice to see a down-to-earth celebrity.

  17. I hadn't seen her LA home. LOVE that ottoman!


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