Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall Fashion

It is that time of year..back to school. I remember when I was younger, much younger, getting so excited when the Fall issue of Seventeen came out. It had all the cool back to school clothes. Butterball wears smocked Jon Jons and the twins wear uniforms to school. So I'm the only one who really needs cool, new fall clothes. I'm thinking about getting a uniform for me too. Jeans, tunics and fabulous accessories.

Love this whole outfit!! This is so the look I love and I even have a pair of pants almost exactly like this. I must get one of these big flowers from Emerson Made. I saw these flowers On A Cup of Jo and Two Ellie and just fell in love.

Picture this red flower on...

This tunic. O.K. they call it a mini dress but if you are over 40 (like me) please wear it as a tunic. Wouldn't it look great with a pair of jeans, the giant flower and some ballet flats?

I may need something a little bit more casual so I found another great tunic on Etsy. I would pair this tunic with..

My vintage cow tag necklace,

Frye Carson boots in brown and...

The perfect pair of Boyfriend jeans. And yes Bill, I really do NEED another pair of jeans and another pair of boots. But thanks for asking. Plus, I am not buying, I am just looking...for now.

One last thing...I always, almost always, wear a big silver cuff. Even to the pool or beach. Sometimes it is this turqouise one other times it is a big hunk of silver. Otherwise I feel naked and that is not a good feeling.

What about you? Have you been looking at Fall clothes? Anything cute I should know about? Do share!


  1. I do love that cuff-probably only thing of yours I would ever fit in! But I have a closet full of cute things- nothing fits and I refuse to buy the next size so I wear the same 3 things over and over....

  2. I love the first outfit too. I love cords in the fall and winter, plus a cute little jacket = perfection.

  3. i do love a tunic. but i disagree with you about being over 40 and wearing that black number over pants. nope. that is crap mama! the legs are the last to go so rock them until your knees look like an elephants. beside 40 is the new 30. however if your coochie is hanging out it is too short for ANYONE to wear. so we must ALL mind the hem.
    but YES those flowers are fab. and so are those brown pants. and i would punch you for those boots!!!! but i would wear them with that black tunic ;)

  4. Dear Jenny (My Favorite and My Best)
    I totally agree, I would so wear the boots with the tunic..if it were longer, that thing looks short!!! I am not opposed to older girls wearing short dresses just not show off everything short. Maybe we should wrestle for the boots...who ever loses has to buy them for the winner....and has to let loser borrow them...

  5. What a great post! I was just thinking yesterday that it's almost time to start thinking about adding a few new pieces to the fall & winter wardrobe!

  6. its a deal sissy. but i warn you- i am extremely physically powerful.

  7. Those are such cute outfits, you got me wanting to shop! And I agree with Jenny, you can rock those boots with that tunic!

  8. OMG! You just gave me an outfit idea for my Hubster's 40th B-day shindig we're throwing in September. I've got the boots and the "Turq-Waz" accessories, just need the tunic - I'm under 5'2" - it'll probably be a ballgown on me! ;)
    Thanks for sharing, you Style Maven!

  9. Those flowers are fabulous, dahling! Love your sense of style!

  10. Okay - I will be honest and tell you I am over 50 and I want the boots, so I'm in the fight for them too! I wear my jeans and boots almost every day in the fall, and yes, with a top (mini dress) like yours, worn as a tunic. Besides, I am not sure it is an age thing for me as much as I am just not that crazy about my legs in the first place. So, great choices and great taste - and I love the turqouise cuff, too!

  11. Girlfriend! This is unrelated to your post but as to your comments on my library inspiration post: I didn't know anyone else was down for the library dining room! You must check out and


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