Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Buzz

I have a new blog I want you to check out. The Buzz. I feel like a proud mama. Many years ago when I lived in Atlanta I babysat for a family with 3 adorable children. The kids grew up, time passed, I got married, moved away, had my own children and found myself back in Atlanta. Mary Allison, who I used to babysit, now babysat my children (and so did Anne and Thomas!) Now Mary Allison has two babies of her Annie and her new blog The Buzz.

While visiting in Atlanta this summer I missed the arrival of baby Annie by about two weeks. You know what that means? Another trip to Atlanta. I did however make time to stop by Mary Allison and Reg's fabulous first home.

I don't want to give away the whole house but I had to show you two of my favorite spots.

Mary Allison's home is way cuter than my first home. I had dish towels on clip rings for my kitchen window treatments. Even sadder? I thought they looked good! Do you remember my guest room from this post? I painted the plaid on the walls because I was too cheap to pay for the wallpaper. The same wallpaper that is now hanging in Mary Allison's kitchen.

O.K. I couldn't resist a picture of baby Annie. She is such a Shingler!! Please check out The Buzz, tell Mary Allison I sent you, and most importantly, if you live in or near Atlanta, call Mary Allison for all your decorating needs. She is a pro with fabulous taste. Plus she's cute and fun to hang out with. I should know I helped raise her!! (OK, that may be a little exaggeration)


  1. Aw, what a cutie! And the home is pretty cute, too!

  2. Your guest room is so pretty! I love the wallpaper in her kitchen and the painting in your guest room; it's just lovely either way.

  3. Annie is adorable and I love their home. For a first home so far it looks amazing!

  4. Thanks for the shout out :)! I'm at the beach with the whole fam and everyone has loved reading it. They all say hey!! Of course I'm without Internet and haven't updated the blog in over a week. I need to get to work! Thank you again for the kind words!! You better come visit us soon.

  5. When I saw her kitchen I thought it was your old one for a minute! Love the top photo, too! And baby Annie. I'm going to look at her blog.

  6. You painted that plaid yourself in your guest bedroom? That is amazing, it looks great in the pictures!

  7. Too cute! Off to check out her blog...


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